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Posted by Shawnna Lynn on April 24, 2012 at 10:40 PM

ast Friday I found Xena collapsed by my bed on floor. I picked her up and noticed her eyes were rapidly moving side to side. So I suspected neurological immediately. SO i ran her out to our vet. She is a senior (aged 12-13) white calico ragdoll kitty. So my vet confirms my suspicions and then I asked if it was possibly Vestibular Disease. He said he hadnt thought about that but it could be possible so we put her on prednisone and was told time would tell.


So today she can lift her head up without falling over and her eyes arent twitching anymore. She seems more vocal and wants me to sit by her. Shes still not eating or drinking on her own so I have been giving her subq fluids and feeding her by syringe in mouth. Now it seems shes very weak and still very wobbly. Only time will tell if shes going to recover. I am not very hopeful but i am also NOT giving up.

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