BFS Senior & Special Needs Cat Sanctuary & Rescue

How you can help:

Note: We ask for specific kinds as we find the the more consistent we are in feeding one type of food, the better the overall health & nutrition of our pets. Too many diet changes can cause stomach problems!

Our Wishlist at Amazon

Purina Indoor Cat chow

Hills Science Diet: Senior 11+ Age Defying

Human Baby food- chicken, turkey  stage 1 

ANY Brand of dry cat food or canned 

paper bowls and plates large or small

Carpeted cat condos in good condition

Upright cat scratching posts in good condition - ones with sisal/rope are especially needed

any scoopable cat litter

PetSmart, Wal-Mart gift cards

Cat toys

Paper towels

Baby wipes

Towels (bathroom) 

Litter boxes (after awhile we throw them away because they tend to keep the odor.  

Hand sanitizer

Old sheets 

Fleece blankets or Baby Blankets

Crib sheets

PetsMart E- Certificates our email is

Puppy Training Pads (pee pads) we use them a lot in the kennels and on the furniture 

You can also donate directly to our vet of 17 years in our name:

Ark Veterinary Clinic

1201 East Iris Avenue, Hobart, OK 73651